Melting Forest D-Stress Sparkling Water


• Ultrasonic Extraction of Powerful Beta-Glucans
• Zero Sugar, 5 Calories
• Organic Mushrooms Grown in USA
• Allergen Free, Gluten-Free, non-GMO, Vegan & Kosher
• 12 fl oz (355ml)
• Does Not Contain Tree Nut Allergen


The Melting Forest D-Stress Drink offers a soothing and revitalizing beverage, ideal for individuals seeking a natural method to alleviate stress and relax. Enriched with a powerful combination of organic Reishi and Lion’s Mane mushrooms, celebrated for their adaptogenic qualities, alongside L-Theanine, Rhodiola, and Lemon Balm Extract. These components are recognized for their capacity to encourage calmness, enhance cognitive clarity, and bolster overall health.