Lookah Q7 Mini E-Dab Nail


• Dimensions: 92mm by 66.5mm by 33.2mm
• Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
• Temperature Range: 200°-750°F
• Voltage Output: N/A
• Chassis Material: Zinc-Alloy
• Operation: Button-Activated
• Connection: Male 14/18mm
• Cut-Off Time Protection: 60s Constant Heating Time
• Charging: Type-C Port
• OLED Display Screen
• Two Adjustment Buttons
• Quartz Cup Dish Technology (QCDT)
• Sliding Cover Doubles as Carb Cap

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Explore the Lookah Q7 Mini E-Nail Banger Dab Kit, featuring a compact e-nail setup designed to be used with water pipes for vaporizing concentrates. With options for 14mm or 18mm male connections, the Lookah Q7 can seamlessly integrate with various water pipes, converting them into efficient dab rigs.